Les gargouilles de la Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse, Carcassonne

Les gargouilles de la Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse, Carcassonne

The Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celsus is an imposing building situated within the walls of Carcassonne old town  It was formerly the cathedral of Carcassonne until 1801, when it was replaced by the present Carcassonne Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Michel de Carcassonne). It is a grand Gothic building with a large tower and enormous Bishop’s eye built into the west wall. The most notable aspects of this cathedral for me however were the plethora of carvings which adorned both the outside and interior of the church. Built so long ago in more superstitious times when memories of a pre-Christian era had not yet faded and the exterior is covered with grotesque figures employed in strange activities. As with many of the early French churches they acknowledged the pre-Christian religions in their architectural design through elaborate carvings.

The grotesques and gargoyles of this building are something to be appreciated and marvelled at. I got some what carried away shooting them but here are a selection of the images I produced.

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  1. Hello and thank you for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, you have some wonderful photo’s here.. Gargoyles are fascinating grotesque little demons aren’t they.. And they always fascinate me.. I often will look up to find one grinning down from the most obscure of places from some heavenly height.. lovely Blog space you have created.. ~Sue Dreamwalker

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  2. Nepal is a spectacular place Stuart, I hope you make it there! I look forward to seeing more of your photos. Thanks for subscribing!


  3. Hey
    Thanks for following my blog..Yours is an absolute winner so I’m doing the same..I was sick with envy when I saw your Nepal items.. I was supposed to go last year but had to cancel at last minute so its still up there jockeying for position with Burma at the top pf my list of must sees.
    Burma this year, hopefully Nepal next year…So Many places to photograph, so little time…

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