Amsterdam Autumn 2011

Last autumn, I had the opportunity of visiting a friend in Amsterdam. The weather was really changeable, one moment there were showers lasting only a few minutes and then the next would be sunshine. My friend assured me this was typical of Amsterdam in the autumn. I have been to this city many times over the years, but not recently and it was great to see the place again. Somethings had changed; the Stripen carte had gone, since I was there last in 2005, but mostly things were the same; the usual number of drunken English tourists, pigeons etc. I wondered round with my camera for most of the time I was there, dodging the rain clouds. And towards the end of my trip, I got stoned in the Leidseplein, and did the usual of walking around Amsterdam totally lost. I seem to do this every time I go and only found out why it happens on this occasion. Someone told me the canals are circular and following them only brings you back to where you set off from. After years of struggling, coping being stoned and lost in this big city, I have now discovered the secret and will be more clued up next time. It was a great trip. I was there only for a weekend but really enjoyed the experience.


“Stacked Away”

“Rieks Museum”

“Church Tower”

“Canal & Warehouses”



“Rain on the Leidseplein”


“Twin Green Bikes”

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam Autumn 2011

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  1. Wow!!! thanks for leaving me a link to this post!!!! Your photos are stunning!!!! 🙂 We also got lost a few times on our one day there!!! But it was fun!!!! Great photos for great memories!!! 🙂 **


  2. Matt
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do hope that you’re able to fulfill your travel dreams. Meanwhile Europe is a lot closer for you than me. All the best. You’ve got some good work.


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