Normandy Graveyard & Chapel

Normandy Crosses

In July of this year (2013) I visited my sister in France. She lives in a farmhouse, which she developed herself, in a commune situated in Basse-Normandy. She chose this life for herself partly as a means of escaping from the rat-race I believe – something for which I am full of admiration. At the top of her road is an ancient chapel with a graveyard and with many Normandy crosses. The Chapel itself is being renovated and much older work is being discovered beneath the décor and relief’s of this medieval Chapel. The weather was fine while I visited but in the mornings a mist would cover the landscape and add a very eerie effect to the surroundings. One morning I ventured out to the Chapel early while the mist was still around.

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Interior of the Chapel

My sister managing to get the keys from the trustees one sunny afternoon and I went inside the Chapel to explore. I was surprised by its vibrancy; although it was a fairly simple church and needed much renervation, the altar and murals on the walls were astoundingly colourful. The place although austere had a real sense of spirituality to it and although now quiet; it must have once been full of life and a focal point of the commune.

Normandy Chapel Mural
Mural being discovered beneath
Normandy Chapel Confessional
View from the Confessional
Normandy Chapel Alter
Altar and Chairs
Normandy Chapel Window
Normandy Chapel Window – Light and Shade

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