A week in Oban 2017

I travelled north toward the Highlands in an attempt to capture the northern lights. My journey led me to Oban – all through the previous week my northern lights app for my phone had been on Red Alert for Oban. But on the week i was there, i had the smallest window of opportunity for witnessing this spectacle – with only an Amber Alert one night. My phone started pinging and i went out to Ganavan; a small place about 30 minutes north of Oban where the light pollution is at a minimum – and set up my camera to wait. Unfortunately the cloud cover was solid. However – as I was coming back to the main road i came across a celtic Labyrinth made of stones on the beach. I managed to create some light paintings which i think have a nice effect.

Copyright Adept Photography 2017

IMG_6320 copy

On the first night of my arrival at Oban, I went up to McCaig’s Tower which is a folly which overlooks the town of Oban. It was pitch dark, but i managed to get these pictures of the inside of the tower using an off-camera flash.

IMG_6347 copy

I spent five days in Oban and captured these shot of the town and surrounding area. It is a pretty little town, but quite touristy however when i was there being December it was quiet.


Light painting in Ganavan, Oban 2017

“Celtic Lightscape”

Copyright © Adept Photography 2017

Celtic Lights pro copy

Re:edit “Celtic Lightscape”

Copyright © Adept Photography 2017

IMG_6605 reworked

On my last day i went up to Connel Bridge with its Lora Fall – which is a rapids that runs underneath the bridge. I went to do a study of the bridge which is also called the bridge across the Atlantic.

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