Nevada (2014) Revisited

IMG_0508 copy

“Mount Charleston”

IMG_0654 copy

“Red Rock National Park”

original HDR copy copy
“Desert Highway”

Just recently I have been reediting some of my photos from my trip to Nevada in 2014. I went to stay with a friend in Las Vegas, and to attend among other things a Powwow put on by the Paiute Nation at the Reservation at Snow Mountain.

Driving away from the Powwow we went through the desert into the Mountains, and climbed Mount Charleston. Coming away the next day, after a night on the mountain, we next traveled to the other side of the Nevada desert to a place called Keyhole Canyon just outside Boulder City. Here again we slept in the desert with a roaming campfire. The place is amazing with an outcrop of rock in an otherwise barren environment. The rocks are absolutely covered in Petroglyphs and drawing left there by the ancient people’s of this area.

Driving down the highway the next day, inspired me to take a number of these shots – i tried to capture the isolation, desertion and just the extreme length of these highways, that seemed to extend forever into the distance.

I also ventured out to Red Rock Canyon National Park where the heat is intense as the vastness of the skyline.

IMG_0631 copy

“Impossible Highway”

The rest of my time was spent exploring Las Vegas and the surrounding area, including a trip to the Hoover Dam, just on the border with Arizona.


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