Photography is my passion, I have a long history with taking pictures, as I started at a young age; first borrowing  my brother’s camera and then at about the age of 14, I received my first hand-me-down camera, a Kodak ‘Instamatic’ film camera. After this I started taking photography more seriously. By the age of eighteen I had my first SLR and went around Europe on the train equipped with a ‘Pentax P30’ and a zoom lens which served me well. This was the beginning of  my adventure and gave me a thirst to do much more.

I am always out with my camera taking photographs as the opportunities arise. My interest in photography is mainly to do with ‘people and places’. I love photographing architecture; I like capturing the way it reflects culture. I also like to photograph people. I tend to work candidly, taking photographs of people when they are least expected it.  I find this makes for interesting images, capturing them off-guard so to speak. I enjoy too the natural environment too and particularly landscape photography. I shoot mainly colour photography but because I am now working in digital it is of course an easy process to convert to black and white. I travel quite a bit and as I find this presents the best opportunities for taking dramatic and powerful images.

I worked for Nerve Magazine for a short period, which is an anarchist/socialist magazine based in Liverpool, acting as the photographer at several events. I often also take gig photography for bands around the Liverpool area when asked. I took the photographs for my brother’s wedding in 2009 and was fortunate enough to take part in a Hindu wedding ceremony in Nepal in 2010, for which my photographic skills came in handy. I have studied photography at HND level and this involved some studio work and getting to grips with lighting techniques and the like. Currently I am writing a business plan to attempt to set up a business as a professional Wedding and Events Photographer based here in Liverpool. But mainly I am just out with my camera and perhaps just a tripod taking photographs of the things that inspire me.

(M O’Toole – 2010)

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