Legacy Photos

Cappadocia, Turkey 1991

In 1991, myself and a friend – a guy called Rob Hassel, bought inter-rail tickets and took ourselves off travelling around Europe. We had made it as far as Istanbul and basically ran out of money. Before we went away I had gotten a Mohawk and Rob a “horse-shoe” haircut, we were rough and ready chaps back then and with our persuasive powers we convinced a guy who was running a few people out to Cappadocia, to give us a ride. We got out to Cappadocia in Anatolia, and spent a few idyllic days there together with a few other people we had met, before deciding to press on our way home before our tickets ran out. We hitched to a place called Niğde, and then caught the very grand ‘Istanbul express’ all the way to Ankara (due to a very kind stewardess who allowed us on) before catching a train to Istanbul and then a train into Greece and on our way home back to the UK.

These images were taken with a film camera onto transparency. I used to love this format because of the clarity that it gave the photos. These images have been scanned and converted into a digital format and then enhanced in Photoshop – because there was some damage to the original transparencies which needed work – they have been cleaned up.

Troglodyte civlization
This photo is of a series of the houses carved into the living rock where many generations of peoples had lived. They still lived in these dwellings up until that time. I wonder now if they still do?
Troglodyte dwelling
This was one of the troglodyte dwelling that we looked around. Although high summer there were very few tourist around. You usually have to pay to look around their homes but because we were so broke they allowed us a limited look for free.
Church ceiling
This was rock arches and art work we found in a church in one of the “fairy chimneys” we climbed into and had a bit of a party, drinking ouzo and smoking what was left of some Leb we had smuggled into Turkey. We had a good time that night. There was even a grave in this church and we all took turns lying in the stone coffin – Oh well boys will be boys!
Cave house
Troglodyte dwelling
Live stock
Everything these people possessed was in the same living place. The livestock were near to where they weaved which seemed to be the main source of income.
This was taken of me in Cappadocia, with the guy whose VW Combi van we had arrived there in (left) and a South African lad who was running away from conscription in his own country (right). He had sold his jacket in Greece and was about to sell his passport- desperate times. This picture was taken by my friend Rob Hassel.
Young Punk!
Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia, Turkey. The relief consists of a high plateau over 1000 m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks. We were near Göreme, with it’s “Fairy Chimney” rock formations. These had been taken advantage of by successive generations inhabitanting the natural formsations making them Troglodytes, or cave dwellers.
Midnight Express
When I took this shot we were returning back to the UK making our way across the Turkish boarder into Greece. The train pulled up and I took the shot. We also went to relieve ourselves and nearly missed it back onto the train before it departed.
Young Punk
I lived on Palatine road in West Didsbury, in Manchester. On returning from this journey I remember I was quite melancholy. I really could have carried on forever.
On my return
Home again

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