Pitlochry to Rannoch Moor

At the beginning of March 2017 Рi travelled up to Scotland again, wild camping and Hiking. This time I started off walking from Pitlochry. I was heading to Rannoch Moor train station, some 38 miles away, but I only had 4 days to walk this distance. With only two trains a day and none on the Sunday РI had to make sure I made good time and arrived at my destination by the Saturday afternoon.

The weather was not great РI got rained on for most of the for the first two days Рit was quite dispiriting at times; but this is undeniably the charm of the Scottish Highlands. Whether beautiful sunshine or heavy rain the drama of the rugged landscape will not be dulled. The Sun eventually came out though and I was able to dry out. I then had two really very pleasant days in the wilds of Scotland.