My name is Matthew O’Toole, I am a Northwest photographer living in Liverpool, England.  O’Tuathail is the Gaelic spelling of my surname which I use sometimes as an indication of my desire to return to  my roots.

My dream of becoming a travel photographer is partly based on a childhood ambition to visit the  Everest region of Nepal and Tibet. The Ancient and the Holy have always enthralled me and I had the  desire to visit Everest because I considered it holy and felt it had something to offer me. I still do.

My dream became forgotten in the process of growing up, but a few years ago resurfaced and I quit my job and left for Nepal; Kathmandu did not disappoint.

At that time in 2007, all the Everest flights were rained off. I made another trip in 2010 and stayed with a friend for a month taking over 800 photographs. I trekked in the Annapurna region on this occasion, so I am still to realise my dream of seeing Everest.

Machapuchare/The Fishtail Mountain
The Holy Fishtail Mountain (Machapuchare)

My vision has now expanded and my intention is to travel extensively capturing images from around the globe. I intend to focus my attention on sites of cultural, spiritual and religious significance; taking images of the people, and the architecture of these specific locations hopefully capturing the atmosphere generated by these places. It will be a journey of personal discovery and adventure, something like a pilgrimage. The idea is that through travelling to these destinations and recording my experiences, I will be not only keeping a record of my development as a photographer but also as an individual, reflecting my personal insight through my work. The next leg of my journey will be to visit Peru to take photographs of Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines.

“These images were taken in Nepal in 2007 on film – the last time I used film before switching to digital. I miss the finality of using film as opposed to digital which can be enhanced to any degree after the fact, which makes it a slightly less honest procedure in my opinion.”

All images subject to copyright © Adept Photography  All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi Matthew, You found the blog where I write about photography. Unlike yours, what I post will not usually deal with anything travel specific unless I happen to be going somewhere distant. I just discuss Photography and will chew over something different about the medium each week.
    I is great to be in contact with you and I intend to spend time browsing you site as I find out more about you.


  2. Those pics from nepal are beautiful! I love the photos of the sadhus! keep following your dream and sharing it with us! thanks for following my blog, I’m happy to run into your neck of the woods! x


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  5. Love your quest – and your photographs of these special places. By the way – why not think of digital’s slipperiness as a challenge of character – there’s no need to enhance, post shot … 🙂


  6. Hi Matt, great to read your story and as a fellow travel photographer I will be looking forward to meeting you when your home. I’m over in Ellesmere Port so make sure you drop me a line. My wife is very spiritual so I’m sure she’ll want to hear your stories concerning Nepal 🙂

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  7. Beautiful photography, capturing a moment in time never to be repeated.. You will be in for a treat in Peru.. One of my own ambitions, made all the more so, with my daughters adventures there.. The Nazca Lines as Im sure you are aware are more than they seem.. Wishing you well upon your journey Sue Dreamwalker ~ 🙂


  8. Thanks for stopping by. Great photos! I always admire a good photographer b/c it’s just something I don’t do.


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